Teachmeet Bett 2024 – Part 1 session

Here you find the (incoming) line-up of speakers presenting at the Bett Teachmeet (Part 1 – International Focus session), hosted by Arjana and Bart.




Eduardo Nubla Rubio


Games and Smiles

Eduardo Rubio Nubla: Experienced educator and coordinator at Colegio Nuestra Señora del Huerto.

Specialties: Teaching French and saxophone.

Role in Erasmus+: Key coordinator for international educational collaborations.

Beyond Teaching: Erasmus+ Evaluator, DELF examiner-corrector, Edpuzzle coach and trainer.

Technology Ambassador: Class in The Box, Quizizz, Genially, eTwinning.

eTwinning Projects: Recognized with national and European quality labels.

Victoria Belous


A Future Classroom Lab in your school

I am the Managing Director at the National Center for Digital Innovations in Education – Future Classroom Lab, located in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

With a passion for education and technology, me and my team of 19 passionate people, struggle to advance digital innovations in the Moldovan education system.

I hold a strong educational background, having completed my studies in the field of educational sciences. Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to promoting innovative teaching practices and integrating technology into classrooms to enhance learning experiences.

As the Managing Director of the National Center for Digital Innovations in Education – Future Classroom Lab, I have been implemented different projects of digital initiatives and fostering collaboration among educators, researchers, and policymakers. My leadership skills have helped establish the center as a hub for innovative educational practices in Moldova.

Under my guidance, the Future Classroom Lab has become a dynamic space for teachers and students to explore and utilize cutting-edge educational technologies, such as interactive whiteboards, tablets, educational software, and virtual reality tools. Through various projects and initiatives, I have supported the professional development of teachers, enabling them to effectively integrate technology into their classrooms and adapt their teaching methodologies to meet the needs of the digital era.

I am a strong advocate for educational transformation, recognizing the power of digital innovation in enhancing student engagement, critical thinking, and creativity. I actively collaborate with international partners, participate in conferences, and stay updated with the latest trends in educational technology to bring valuable insights and best practices to the Moldovan education landscape.

With my leadership and expertise, I continue to drive the National Center for Digital Innovations in Education – Future Classroom Lab, towards its mission of creating a future-ready education system in Moldova, where technology is integrated into teaching and learning processes to empower students for success in the digital age.