TMI Bett 2020

Have a look at the lineup of the 2020 edition and explore the recordings and slides of all speakers.

Welcome at Post 16 Theatre (Excel - London)

Elena Pezzi


SEG-Pilot: Let's MOOC together!

For the second time at Teachmeet at Bett. Different experiences but always the same enthusiasm! For a “lifelong learning teacher” it is vital to share ideas, experiences, doubts with like-minded colleagues in such a stimulating context.
Networked teachers in a networked world.
Thank you Arjana & Bart for making this happen!

Kari Erstad & Heine Askeland


Making VR-expeditions with your students

It is important to share experiences from the classroom, so that we can learn from each other to develop our classroom practices.tmint

Nicole Lakusta


Using Dynamic Assistive Technology Assessments (DATA) to Improve Teaching Practices

The opportunity to share, learn from others and networking has been profound. I now will bring the newfound resources and edtech friendships to my colleagues in Alberta, Canada and beyond!

[Nicole Lakusta]



Karina Batat, Osnat Hayak & Smadar Alon


Beta School: the Israeli FCL

The TeachMeet was a change maker event! In the digital era, we – educators, instructors and managers must collaborate and share ideas. Together we stand strong in face of the quick changes in our world to create a better future education.

Stephen Sadler

United Kingdom

Teaching STEM using Robotics

Selçuk Yusuf Arslan


More Coding More Girls

Michele Gabbanelli


Active Learning techniques

Giving my speech and listening to other teachers at Teachmeet 2020 has made me feel tuned in to a global community of education professionals and provided me with further inspiration.

Latinwo Olugbenga


Implementing Acceleration Technology Program in middle and low income Primary & Secondary Schools in Africa

The Teachmeet was a fabulous opportunity to learn and share teacher experiences, initiatives and projects in different subject areas, all within a short time. The diversity is awesome. I hope the Teachmeet team will evolve this into project initiatives around the world.

Alenka Miljević


Museum Night at School

Teachmeets are important because they allow teachers to be heard. I like the short form of the presentations because it helps presenters to focus and keeps the audience interested.

Walter Steinkogler


eEducation Austria – How to upscale the digital agenda to the educational system

Teachers care for their students and share their ideas – a universal attitude as we could see at International TeachMeet at BETT 2020.

Anna Lagigna


AI for Language Learning

When teachers come to realise that they can be the most precious resource to each other, everything can suddenly change! The international teachmeet at BETT 2020 has been inspirational and a great opportunity for sharing and networking with innovative teachers from all over the world.

A million thanks for having organised such an amazing event!

David Vidal


AI to promote equity on teachers’ training

Sharing is one of the most important  parts of learning. It’s even more important when you have the chance to share with peers from different countries who can also provide feedback about your work. I’ve been lucky to have participate in the last two Teachmeets and it is an amazing experience. You have the opportunity to listen to innovators from all around the world sharing their knowledge in an informal way, and you do also have the chance to expand your professional network, not only with them, but also with the audience attending the event. An opportunity you must not miss…

Roy Frey


Bring Hollywood to your Classroom

TeachMeet was a fantastic opportunity to share ideas and connect with like minded teachers.
TeachMeet was like putting one’s ear to the ground and getting inspiration from like minded teachers.

Drew Buddie


Too old to rock & roll, but not too old to teach abroad